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Choose from a range of Enterprise Grade Cloud Factories and Hosted Apps

My Cloud Bazaar – an overview

My Cloud Bazaar is a Cloud Service Brokerage offering a Market Place for Hosted Cloud Apps (SaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS). It bridges the gap between virtual machines and software installation and management, integrating application software with on-demand infrastructure via our intuitive self service portal with access to a broad service catalogue of applications and development platforms.

How it works?


Search for the cloud services you require on our intuitive portal from verified ISV’s and Certified IaaS providers.


Discover what you are looking for and get the highest value solutions at an affordable price, best performance and SLA that exceeds your requirement.


Use our Intuitive e-commerce platform to compare competing services from our broad service catalog and select the right solution for your need.


Use our integrated payment gateway for a unified invoice for all your cloud services.


Provision the hardware and supply the application with a license – the permission to run and keep running


Deploy the hardware on an enterprise grade cloud factory, putting application files where you need them, getting your services up and running for use.

Why choose My Cloud Bazaar?

Eases your pressure by taking full responsibility of the Plumbing work of Cloud Computing, allowing you to focus on your Core Business.

Makes the cloud simple and affordable as the Cloud should be