MyCloudBazaar (MCB) End User Policies

These policies apply for all end users of the MCB Marketplace. MCB may change these policies from time to time. You are responsible for checking these policies periodically for changes.

1. Billing and Taxes

Taxes for all Cloud offerings used will be based on the address of the user that is listed as the account admin in the Cloud Marketplace.

Charges for Cloud offerings will not be prorated for early termination or cancellation prior to the end of the subscription period.

Your credit card will be billed immediately upon purchase for each Cloud offering you order. Recurring charges will be prorated for the first month and will be billed on the first day of each month after that.

2. Billing Disputes, Refunds and Credits

MCB will only provide refunds if the Cloud User cancels the order/subscription and contacts MCB at within 48 hours of placing the order for the Cloud offering. MCB will not provide refund requests after the first 48 hours since a no charge edition of each Cloud offering is available.

No credit will be issued for an amount greater than your previous month’s charges for that Cloud offering. Other billing disputes and requests for credits must be submitted within 30 days of the billing date to MCB at

3. Cloud offering Complaints

Complaints about a specific Cloud offering must be directed to the support contact for the Cloud offering. That includes performance and response times, Service Level Agreement, capability and features, and customer satisfaction issues.

If the problem you complained about persists or the support contact for the Cloud offering does not respond, you may escalate the complaint to MCB. The background and history of the complaint, your requested remedy, and any response from the provider, must be submitted to MCB at